Fulton County Retired Employees' Association, Inc.


Membership in the FCREA is open to all Fulton County, GA government retirees, or their beneficiary, who are currently receiving pensions under any of the Fulton County Defined Benefit pension plans.


Membership is also open to any Fulton County retiree who retired under the Fulton County 401(a) Defined Contribution pension plan.


Membership dues are now $15 annually (previously $10), payable on January 1st. Dues received on or after September 1st will be applied to the next year's dues. And you don't pay dues your first year of membership!


To renew, send dues each year (checks only -- no cash, please) to:



P. O. Box 421282

Atlanta, GA 30342


Or pay the Treasurer (cash or check) at one of our meetings.

Membership Directory

Your name, address, telephone number, email address, and county department on the Application Form will be published in the Association's Membership Directory, which is available on the Members Only page of this website.


If you don't want any of the information to be published in the directory, please indicate this on the Application for Membership by writing "Do not publish" on the line next to the applicable information.