Fulton County Retired Employees Association, Inc.

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Membership in the FCREA is open to all Fulton County, GA government retirees, or their beneficiary, who are receiving a pension under the Fulton County Defined Benefit plan, or the 401(a) Defined Contribution plan.



Membership dues are $15 annually, payable on January 1st.


There are no dues for your first year. After the first year, members receive a Membership Renewal Invoice that is postal mailed each January.


(Existing members: email contact information changes to the FCREA Member Data Manager.)


To renew, pay dues annually in one of two ways:


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   1. PAY VIA ZELLE online money transfer option, from a participating bank directly to our bank account at payments@fcrea.net.


      ● PAYING FOR SELF? In the MEMO section, type pound/hashtag (#) and 4-digit Member ID Number* (no name) only. (Ex. If you’re "Jane Doe, Memb. No. 1000", just type #1000.)


      ● PAYING FOR SOMEONE ELSE? In the MEMO section, use pound/hashtag (#), that person’s 4-digit Member ID Number*, and their Name. (To pay for "John Doe, Memb. No. 1001", type #1001 JOHN DOE.)


*Where to find your Member ID Number -- See your Membership Renewal Notice card, the FCREA Membership Directory on our Members Only page, or your postal-mailed “Prime Times” newsletter.


IMPORTANT! Zelle transactions are between the banks -- not the FCREA or Fulton County government! Contact your bank regarding its participation in the Zelle system.




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   2. PAY VIA CHECK (no cash) postal mailed to: FCREA; P. O. Box 144079; Fayetteville, GA 30214-6543.



Membership Directory

Your Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, and County Department on the Application Form will be published in the Association's Membership Directory, which is available on the Members Only page of this website.


If you do not want some or all of the information to be published in the directory, please indicate this on the Application for Membership by checking the box next to the desired preference.